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This article lists all parkour-related changes in newer versions of Minecraft (1.9+), including bugs and bugfixes.

For the full changelogs, see here (Minecraft Wiki).

Changes are grouped into 3 categories:

  • Movement: Changes or additions to movement mechanics.
  • Blocks: New blocks, or changes in current blocks' properties.
  • Other: Changes that should be mentioned, but that do not affect standard parkour (effects, enchantments...)


Category Changes
Movement ...
Blocks ...
Other ...

1.9 (Combat Update)

Category Changes
  • Jump height increased (from 1.249 to 1.252).
  • Momentum threshold has been lowered (from 0.005 to 0.003).
    • This is the reason why jump height is different, as well as taps.
  • Sneaking now lowers the player's height (from 1.8m to 1.65m).
  • Added End rods - 0.25×1×0.25 collision box, can be placed in all directions.
  • Added Chorus plants:
    • Default: centered 0.625×0.625×0.625 collision box (same height as an end portal frame).
    • Connects to adjacent chorus plants and flowers. Also connects to any ground below it.
    • Chorus flowers have a simple 1×1×1 collision box.
  • Added Shulkers (technically entities) - 1×1×1 collision box, but can rise by 0.20609b.
  • Added Grasspath: 1×0.9375×1 collision box

  • Ladders are now 1 pixel wider (from 0.125b to 0.1875b)
  • The collision box of pane blocks have changed:
    • The neutral variant is no longer a cross, now it's just a 2 by 2 pixels pole.
    • The internal segments are 1 pixel longer.
  • Lilypads are now 0.09375b tall (1.5 pixels) and 0.875b wide (reduced by 1 pixel on all sides)
  • Hay Bales now absorb part of the damage when the player falls on one.
  • Boats (technically entities) are now 0.5625b tall (instead of 0.6b).

  • Bugfix: Piston heads now match their model:
    • The arms now have the correct width (0.25b).
    • The arm's length is extended by 0.25b, making piston heads the only block that can protrude horizontally onto adjacent blocks.
    • The west-facing extension is no longer bugged.
  • Bugfix: Chests and Anvils now have a fixed collision box. Manipulating them is no longer possible.

  • Added Elytras.
  • Added Levitation effect.
  • Added Frost Walker enchantment.
  • Entities now push the player when colliding.

1.10 (Frostburn Update)

Category Changes
  • Added "Auto-jump" option in the Controls tab. When toggled on, it automatically makes the player jump.
    • Auto-jump does not activate while sneaking.
    • Auto-jump activates when moving into a wall of height ≥ 0.5b (even though the player can step up to 0.6b)
    • Auto-jump does not activate for +1.25b jumps. The upper bound increases with jump boost.
    • Notable uses include: 100% strat for hh 1+1 jumps, easy way for grinding on stairs aka "slab-boosting".
  • Added Magma block, which damages the player when they are standing on it, unless they are sneaking.
  • 1.10.1: Farmland is now 0.9375b tall (15px), instead of 1b.
  • New Debug shortcut: F3+G shows chunk borders.

1.11 (Exploration Update)

Category Changes
  • Sneaking now prevents falling more than 0.6b (previously 1b)
  • Added Shulker Box - 1×1×1 collision box, can extend by 0.5b when opened with right click.
    • The extension increases and decreases by increments of 0.05b every tick.
    • The shulker box can only be opened if it doesn't end up intersecting with another collision box.
    • Interestingly, the opening starts with a surplus of 0.01b, which means the player is actually pushed 0.51b.
      At the end of the opening animation, the extension's length is brought back to 0.5b.


1.12 (World of Color Update)

Category Changes
  • Beds now have bouncing properties:
    • Only converts 66% of the player's downward speed, unlike slime blocks which are 100%.
    • Fall damage is reduced, but not completely negated unlike slime blocks.
  • Walls, Fences, and Panes/Bars now connect to the backside of stair blocks.


1.13 (Update Aquatic)

Category Changes
  • Water physics were changed quite a lot:
    • When simply walking in water, the player doesn't drop down as fast.
    • Sneaking makes the player dive downward.
    • Sprinting in water now puts the player in a swimming state, which makes them swim faster, and sets their height at 0.6.
    • The speed and "area of effect" of flowing water now depends on its level. The player can jump out of water if it's low enough.

  • Added Blue Ice, with a slipperiness of 0.989 (compared to 0.98 for regular Ice).
  • Added bubble columns:
    • Soulsand sets all consecutive water source blocks above it to upward bubble columns, which push the player up.
    • A Magma block sets all consecutive water source blocks above it to whirlpool bubble columns, which drag the player down.
  • Added Conduits, which have a centered 0.375×0.375×0.375 collision box.
  • Added Sea Pickles, which have 4 variants (depending on the number placed):
    • Tier 1: 0.25×0.375×0.25
    • Tier 2: 0.625×0.375×0.625
    • Tier 3: 0.75×0.375×0.75
    • Tier 4: 0.75×0.4375×0.75
  • Added Turtle Eggs, which have 4 variants (depending on the number placed):
    • Tier 1 has an uncentered collision box of 0.5625×0.4375×0.5625
    • Tiers 2,3, and 4 have a centered collision box of 0.875×0.4375×0.875
  • Some blocks can now be waterlogged.

  • Anvils have a new model and collision box:
    • The base is 0.75×0.75, and its floor is 0.25b high.
    • The top is 1×0.625, and its ceiling is 0.375b low.
  • Wall blocks have a more accurate collision box.
    • The sides now match those of their visual model.
    • The height remains at 1.5b.
  • filled End Portal Frames have a more accurate collision box.
    • The eye now has a width of 0.5×0.5 (instead of 0.375×0.375)
  • Cauldrons have a more accurate collision box.
    • The inner floor is now 0.25b high (instead of 0.3125)
  • Hoppers have a more accurate collision box.
    • The inner floor is now 0.6875b high (instead of 0.625)
    • The underside of the hopper is now accurately represented;
  • Brewing Stand have a more accurate collision box.
    • The base is now 0.875×0.875 (instead of 1×1)
  • A single Snow Layer is no longer tangible (before, it had a 1×0×1 collision box).
  • Added Tridents, and the Riptide enchantment
  • Added Slow Falling effect - makes the player fall a lot slower.
  • Added Dolphin's Grace effect - increases the player's swimming speed.
  • Added Debug stick - used for modifying a block's state.
  • New Debug shortcut: F3+C copies the player's current coordinates.
  • The Debug screen now shows info and coordinates of the targeted block and liquid.

1.14 (Village & Pillage)

Category Changes
  • X/Z collisions changed, the first direction processed now depends on the player's velocity.
    • If , the collision order is Y→X→Z (same as before)
    • Otherwise, the collision order is Y→Z→X.
    • In that sense, neos "feel like X-facing", but the comparison is not accurate, particularly for diagonal movement.
  • Ladders and vines can now be climbed by simply pressing jump.
    • In general, it does not make more jumps possible, but they now feel easier to perform.
    • In particular, vines can be climbed without a supporting block.
  • Sneaking changed:
    • Sneaking lowers the player's height even more (from 1.65m to 1.5m, allowing them to fit under 1.5b ceilings).
    • The player can sprint while sneaking.
    • It takes some time to get out of the sneaking animation. It no longer seems possible to exploit sneaking to build speed on ledges.
  • Lava's area of effect is one full block (minus 0.001b on every side).
  • The player can be forced under a ceiling (by using a piston or trapdoor, for example)
    • Under ceilings between 1.8b and 1.5b, the player enters a sneaking state.
    • Under ceilings lower than 1.5b, the player enters a swimming state.

  • Bugfix?: Blips have been "patched": the player can no longer abuse stepping mechanics to gain artificial jump height.
    • The player can still clip onto the side of blocks when landing against a wall.
    • A new glitch was introduced: "blip-down", which happens when activating stepping on the edge of a block.

  • Bug: The player can conserve X speed when colliding with a wall.
  • Bug: The player can hover ~0.00031m above ground, until they start moving.
  • Added Bamboo:
    • Collision box is 0.1875×1×0.1875, even for small bamboos which appear 2 pixels wide.
    • Placed in a (pre-determined) random position, which rarely aligns with the traditional 16-pixels grid.
  • Added Bells - 4 variants:
    • Floor: simple 0.5×1×1 collision box.
    • Wall, Double-Wall, and Ceiling: same bell structure (0.5×0.5 base, 0.375×0.375 waist),
      each variant has a support beam of respective widths 0.125×0.8125, 0.125×1, 0.125×0.125.
  • Added Campfires
    • Collision box is 1×0.4375×1.
    • Damages the player when not sneaking (even when standing on the edge, unlike Magma blocks).
  • Added Composter - same collision box as the old cauldron, except the inner floor is 0.125b high.
  • Added Grindstone - 0.5×0.75×0.75 stone that stands 1b tall, with two parallel legs that connect it to the floor.
    • Can be placed against a wall or ceiling, in which case the collision box is rotated accordingly.
  • Added Lanterns - Centered collision box that consists of a 0.375×0.4375×0.375 base, and a 0.25×0.5625×0.25 top.
    • If hung to a ceiling, the collision box is shifted 1 pixel upward (0.0625b).
  • Added Lecterns - Centered collision box that consists of a 1×0.125×1 base, and a 0.5×0.875×0.5 top.
  • Added Scaffolding - a semi-tangible block that has similar climbing properties as ladders.
    • Each Scaffolding has an physical "floor" at its top. If a Scaffolding has no blocks below, it gets an additional floor at its bottom (0.125b tall).
    • Scaffoldings have no tangible walls or ceilings.
    • Sneaking makes the floor intangible as well, unless there is no blocks below it.
      When sneaking inside a Scaffolding, the player moves downward.
  • Added Stonecutter - 1×0.5625×1 collision box.
  • Added Sweet Berry Bushes - similar to cobwebs though less restrictive, but deal damage if the player is moving (past the sapling stage).
  • Added Wither Rose - no collision box, but inflicts the Wither effect to the player when standing next to it.

  • Beds have a more accurate collision box.
    • The legs now have individual bounding boxes.
  • Cauldrons have an even more accurate collision box.
    • The legs now have individual bounding boxes.
  • Added separate "Mouse Controls" tab in Controls, which include the "Raw Input" option.

1.15 (Buzzy Bees)

Category Changes
  • Slipperiness changed: only blocks 0.5b tall and below are affected by slippery blocks.
  • Sneak and Sprint can now be set to "Toggle" in the Accessibility settings (default: "Hold")

  • Bug: The player moves faster when inside a block and sneaking. This includes fence gates, trapdoors, doors...
    • This allows the player to jump relatively far with virtually no momentum (for example: no mm 4b).
    • The same phenomenon happens when standing on a boat.
    • The player does not appear to be sneaking while in this state.
  • Bug: Blips cancel fall damage. Fixed in 1.16.
  • Bug: The player can enter the swimming state under a waterlogged ceiling, by sneaking at the right time.
  • Added Honey blocks - 0.875×0.9375×0.875 collision box, has sticky properties:
    • If the player is standing within the inner surface of a Honey block, they experience the same slowdown properties as soulsand.
      Also, the player can only jump 0.383m high, owing to an initial jump acceleration of 0.21 units (instead of 0.42).
      These effects also apply to blocks up to 0.5b above it (including slab).
    • If the player is near its walls, they will experience a sort of slow falling effect.
    • Reduce fall damage, similar to hay blocks.

  • Soulsand movement is changed:
    • No longer affected by slipperiness.
    • Slowdown now only applies to the inner surface. The 0.3m perimeter around it acts as a normal block.
    • Slowdown applies to blocks up to 0.5b above it (including slab).
    • If the player manages to get inside a soulsand block, they will find that it has "intermediate floors" that they can stand on.
      These floors are at heights 0.125, 0.25, 0.375, 0.5, 0.625, and 0.75. The first four are affected by slipperiness.
  • Elytras can be activated immediately after jumping.
  • New gamerules: "fallDamage" and "fireDamage", which can be set to false.
  • 1.15.2: status effects are now stored when overwritten.

  • Bugfix: Jumping on a boat no longer causes fall damage.

1.16 (Nether Update)

Category Changes

  • Added Chains - 0.1875×1×0.1875 collision box (same as Bamboo, but centered).
    • In 1.16.2+, Chains can be placed in all orientations
  • Added Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines - same properties as Vines. (one grows upward, the other downward)

  • Bug: Panes / Bars connect to Walls.

1.17 (Caves & Cliffs)

Category Changes
  • Pigs, Striders, and Horses check if they are in blocks such as bubble columns another time near the end of the tick. This applies while the player is riding these entities, but does not apply to the player itself.
  • Added Candles:
    • This has the same hitboxes as a sea pickle.
  • Added Candle cakes:
    • This has the hitbox of a cake with an additional hitbox on top for a candle.
  • Added Sculk Sensors:
    • This has the same hitbox as a bottom slab.
  • Added big dripleafs:
    • The hitbox of this block varies based on its tilt, which is affected by players standing on this block.
    • It can be stood on for 20 ticks, before it tilts once and lowers its hitbox slightly [1]. This is calculated server sided.
    • After another few ticks, the block's tilt will change once again and the block will have no hitbox [1]. This is calculated server sided.
    • Powered leafs do not tilt. [1]
    • The leaf will immediately fully tilt if hit by a projectile. [1]
  • Added dripstone:
    • The hitbox of this block varies based on its thickness and vertical direction, and is also offset randomly with the same fixed formula as bamboo.
    • Unlike bamboo, this block can be offset no more than 0.125 blocks from its original position.
  • Added powder snow:
    • Entities with more than 2.5 blocks of fall distance will have a hitbox with a height of 0.9. The stuck speed multiplier will reset fall damage and the entity will fall through the next tick.
    • Entities with leather boots will have a full block hitbox, as long as the entity's Y position is above the top of the block.
    • Entities with leather boots are able to climb this powder snow.
    • Otherwise, this block has no hitbox and the player will fall through.
    • Staying in powder snow will slow the player.
      • However, when the player is on an air block, the slow effect will be cleared at the end of the tick, regardless of what the server tells the client
      • The client will apply its own slow effect at the end of the tick, based on the server controlled frozen ticks metadata.
      • The server also sets the frozen speed reduction attribute, applied at the start of the tick which overrides the client's previous tick. Leading to unpredictable speed.
    • Entities in stuck snow get a stuck speed multiplier of (0.9, 1.5, 0.9). This means the player will move slower horizontally but can jump higher in powder snow than they otherwise would be able to.
  • Added azaleas:
    • This block has the hitbox of a top slab with an extra hitbox beneath to represent the stem.
  • Added amethyst clusters and buds:
    • The hitbox varies between clusters, small buds, medium buds, and large buds.
  • Bugfix: Standing on top of a boat will no longer rapidly teleport the player.
  • Bugfix: Buckets will no longer desync with rapid looking, although they can still desync over a high latency connection.
  • The player's block coordinates must be in water for them to start swimming. This fixes players rapidly switching between swimming and not swimming state when only their heads are touching water, and not their feet.


Category Changes
  • TODO
  • TODO
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