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Every tick, the game checks for the player's inputs, and translates them into motion.

This category documents all basic player actions in 1.8 that are relevant to parkour.


Minecraft's moveset is quite simple: on top of jumping, the player has three different move speeds:

  • Walking as the default.
  • Sprinting, which is faster and allows the player to jump further.
  • Sneaking, which is slower and allows the player walk to the edge of blocks and to grab ladders/vines.

Each of these three actions have a base acceleration (respectively 0.1, 0.13, and 0.03) which is added to the player's velocity every tick.

This base value is multiplied by 0.2 when mid-air, and also varies depending on whether the player is Strafing.

For detailed formulas concerning velocity, see Movement Formulas.

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