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Cobwebs are a block that slow down entities.

Effect applies if the player's bounding box overlaps the orange voxel by more than 0.001m

Cobwebs are intangible in the sense that the player can move through: they do not have a bounding box.

But cobwebs do have an "effect box" that affects the Player if they come into contact with it.

If the overlap is more than 0.001m wide in any direction, the Player's movement will be slowed down.

If the overlap covers less than 0.001m, the Player is able to move normally while "touching" the cobweb's borders. For this reason, it is possible to walk along a block's edge with a cobweb on top of it.

Effect on Movement

Vertical Movement:

Vertical speed is slowed down by a factor of 20, and is reset on every tick.

Jumping is severely limited, and reaches just 0.021m[1] in height.

The Player will then immediately start falling at a constant rate of -0.00392 m/t[2].

Horizontal Movement:

Horizontal speed is slowed down by a factor of 4, and is reset on every tick.

This means the Player will move at a constant speed of 0.03185 m/t when sprinting on ground, or 0.00637 m/t while airborne[3].

Or, respectively with 45° Strafe, 0.0325 m/t when sprinting on ground, and 0.0065 m/t while airborne[4].


  1. 0.42 / 20
  2. (-0.08*0.98) / 20
  3. (0.098 * 1.3 * 0.2) / 4
  4. (0.1 * 1.3 * 0.2) / 4