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    • Momentum threshold has been lowered (from 0.005 to 0.003).
      • This is the reason why jump height is different, as well as taps.
    • Sneaking now lowers the player's height (from 1.8m to 1.65m).

    |- |Blocks |

    • Added End rods - 0.25×1×0.25 collision box, can be placed in all directions.
    • Added Chorus plants:
      • Default: centered 0.625×0.625×0.625 collision box (same height as an end portal frame).
      • Connects to adjacent chorus plants and flowers. Also connects to any ground below it.
      • Chorus flowers have a simple 1×1×1 collision box.
    • Added Shulkers (technically entities) - 1×1×1 collision box, but can rise by 0.20609b.
    • Added Grasspath: 1×0.9375×1 collision box

    • Ladders are now 1 pixel wider (from 0.125b to 0.1875b)
    • The collision box of pane blocks have changed:
      • The neutral variant is no longer a cross, now it's just a 2 by 2 pixels pole.
      • The internal segments are 1 pixel longer.
    • Lilypads are now 0.09375b tall (1.5 pixels) and 0.875b wide (reduced by 1 pixel on all sides)
    • Hay Bales now absorb part of the damage when the player falls on one.
    • Boats (technically entities) are now 0.5625b tall (instead of 0.6b).

    • Bugfix: Piston heads now match their model:
      • The arms now have the correct width (0.25b).
      • The arm's length is extended by 0.25b, making piston heads the only block that can protrude horizontally onto adjacent blocks.
      • The west-facing extension is no longer bugged.
    • Bugfix: Chests and Anvils now have a fixed collision box. Manipulating them is no longer possible.

    |- |Other |

    • Added Elytras.
    • Added Levitation effect.
    • Added Frost Walker enchantment.
    • Entities now push the player when colliding.