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  • Bug: The player moves faster when inside a block and sneaking. This includes fence gates, trapdoors, doors...
    • This allows the player to jump relatively far with virtually no momentum (for example: no mm 4b).
    • The same phenomenon happens when standing on a boat.
    • The player does not appear to be sneaking while in this state.
  • Bug: Blips cancel fall damage. Fixed in 1.16.
  • Bug: The player can enter the swimming state under a waterlogged ceiling, by sneaking at the right time.

|- |Blocks |

  • Added Honey blocks - 0.875×0.9375×0.875 collision box, has sticky properties:
    • If the player is standing within the inner surface of a Honey block, they experience the same slowdown properties as soulsand.
      Also, the player can only jump 0.383m high, owing to an initial jump acceleration of 0.21 units (instead of 0.42).
      These effects also apply to blocks up to 0.5b above it (including slab).
    • If the player is near its walls, they will experience a sort of slow falling effect.
    • Reduce fall damage, similar to hay blocks.