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    • Added Bells - 4 variants:
      • Floor: simple 0.5×1×1 collision box.
      • Wall, Double-Wall, and Ceiling: same bell structure (0.5×0.5 base, 0.375×0.375 waist),
        each variant has a support beam of respective widths 0.125×0.8125, 0.125×1, 0.125×0.125.
    • Added Campfires
      • Collision box is 1×0.4375×1.
      • Damages the player when not sneaking (even when standing on the edge, unlike Magma blocks).
    • Added Composter - same collision box as the old cauldron, except the inner floor is 0.125b high.
    • Added Grindstone - 0.5×0.75×0.75 stone that stands 1b tall, with two parallel legs that connect it to the floor.
      • Can be placed against a wall or ceiling, in which case the collision box is rotated accordingly.
    • Added Lanterns - Centered collision box that consists of a 0.375×0.4375×0.375 base, and a 0.25×0.5625×0.25 top.
      • If hung to a ceiling, the collision box is shifted 1 pixel upward (0.0625b).
    • Added Lecterns - Centered collision box that consists of a 1×0.125×1 base, and a 0.5×0.875×0.5 top.
    • Added Scaffolding - a semi-tangible block that has similar climbing properties as ladders.
      • Each Scaffolding has an physical "floor" at its top. If a Scaffolding has no blocks below, it gets an additional floor at its bottom (0.125b tall).
      • Scaffoldings have no tangible walls or ceilings.
      • Sneaking makes the floor intangible as well, unless there is no blocks below it.
        When sneaking inside a Scaffolding, the player moves downward.