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Category Changes
  • X/Z collisions changed, the first direction processed now depends on the player's velocity.
    • If , the collision order is Y→X→Z (same as before)
    • Otherwise, the collision order is Y→Z→X.
    • In that sense, neos "feel like X-facing", but the comparison is not accurate, particularly for diagonal movement.
  • Ladders and vines can now be climbed by simply pressing jump.
    • In general, it does not make more jumps possible, but they now feel easier to perform.
    • In particular, vines can be climbed without a supporting block.
  • Sneaking changed:
    • Sneaking lowers the player's height even more (from 1.65m to 1.5m, allowing them to fit under 1.5b ceilings).
    • The player can sprint while sneaking.
    • It takes some time to get out of the sneaking animation. It no longer seems possible to exploit sneaking to build speed on ledges.
  • Lava's area of effect is one full block (minus 0.001b on every side).
  • The player can be forced under a ceiling (by using a piston or trapdoor, for example)
    • Under ceilings between 1.8b and 1.5b, the player enters a sneaking state.
    • Under ceilings lower than 1.5b, the player enters a swimming state.

  • Bugfix?: Blips have been "patched": the player can no longer abuse stepping mechanics to gain artificial jump height.
    • The player can still clip onto the side of blocks when landing against a wall.
    • A new glitch was introduced: "blip-down", which happens when activating stepping on the edge of a block.

  • Bug: The player can conserve X speed when colliding with a wall.
  • Bug: The player can hover ~0.00031m above ground, until they start moving.
  • Added Bamboo:
    • Collision box is 0.1875×1×0.1875, even for small bamboos which appear 2 pixels wide.
    • Placed in a (pre-determined) random position, which rarely aligns with the traditional 16-pixels grid.