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Category Changes
  • Added "Auto-jump" option in the Controls tab. When toggled on, it automatically makes the player jump.
    • Auto-jump does not activate while sneaking.
    • Auto-jump activates when moving into a wall of height ≥ 0.5b (even though the player can step up to 0.6b)
    • Auto-jump does not activate for +1.25b jumps. The upper bound increases with jump boost.
    • Notable uses include: 100% strat for hh 1+1 jumps, easy way for grinding on stairs aka "slab-boosting".
  • Added Magma block, which damages the player when they are standing on it, unless they are sneaking.
  • 1.10.1: Farmland is now 0.9375b tall (15px), instead of 1b.
  • New Debug shortcut: F3+G shows chunk borders.