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Term Alias Definition
Strafe A | D The action of "strafing" left or right while moving forward.

This changes the player's direction without turning the mouse.

45° Strafe 45° The action of turning 45°, while strafing accordingly.

This technique allows the player to move further (up to 2%) but is hard to do consistently.

Stepping step-assist A mechanic that assists the player in stepping up low obstacles (slabs, stairs...).

The player can step up at most 0.6b without jumping.

Blip A glitch which involves landing between two blocks of different height. Caused by stepping.

This can result in the player "landing mid-air", making them able to jump with initial height.

Jump Cancel A mechanic/glitch that involves jumping into a ceiling or step. Caused by stepping.

This can cancel the player's upward momentum, making them able to jump again sooner.

Grinding The process of chaining multiple Jump Cancels to gain momentum.

There are two types: