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Term Alias Definition
Tick t The standard unit of time in Minecraft, equal to 50ms.

Minecraft's physics and inputs are updated once every tick.

WASD The default movement controls (W=Forward, A=Left, S=Backward, D=Right)
Sprint ctrl An action that makes the player move 30% faster.

Activated by pressing the Sprint key (default: Ctrl), or by double-tapping W.

Sneak shift An action that makes the player move 70% slower, and prevents the player from falling off.

Activated by pressing the Sneak key (default: Shift).

Strafe The action of moving sideways (with A or D), which can be combined with W or S.
Timing A simple sequence of inputs used to gain momentum.

Basic timings include jam (0t), headhitter (1t)... See Timings for a list.

Tap Technique which involves moving in small intervals (1 or 2 ticks, usually while sneaking).

Used to set the player in an optimal position.