Slime Block

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    A slime block is a special block which makes entities bounce when they fall on one.


    Slime blocks have a slipperiness of 0.8, placing it between regular blocks (0.6) and ice (0.98).

    On top of that,

    Slime Bounce

    • Falling on a slime block inverts the player's vertical speed, which causes them to bounce upward.
    • Holding Jump while landing cancels the bounce, and makes the player jump normally without taking fall damage.
    • Holding Sneak while landing cancels the bounce, but the player takes fall damage.


    //called at the end of Entity.moveEntity()
    public void onLanded(Entity e)
        if (e.isSneaking())
            e.motionY = 0.0;
        else if (e.motionY < 0.0D)
            e.motionY = -e.motionY;
    //called at the end of Entity.moveEntity(), after the previous method
    public void onEntityCollidedWithBlock(Entity e)
        if (Math.abs(e.motionY) < 0.1D && !e.isSneaking())
            double mult = 0.4 + Math.abs(e.motionY)*0.2;
            e.motionX *= mult;
            e.motionZ *= mult;