Water and Lava

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When moving in water or lava, the game doesn't consider whether the player is on ground or not, only if they are holding space.

When exiting a liquid -> jump boost with 0.3 initial speed

Water collision: 0.998 x 0.598 x 0.998 (1x0.6x1 retracted 0.001 inwards)

Lava collision: 0.8 x 0.6 x 0.8 (1x0.6x1 retracted 0.1 inward except for Y)


When pressing jump: threshold(motY*0.8 - 0.02) + 0.04

Otherwise: threshold(motY*0.8 - 0.02)

The threshold is actually important, because the player's motY would be -0.004 after the first tick of moving.

In 1.8, the player's speed on the second tick is 0.04,

TODO: X/Z motion


When pressing jump: threshold(motY*0.5 - 0.02) + 0.04

Otherwise: threshold(motY*0.5 - 0.02)

TODO: X/Z motion