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General Parkour Terms

Term Alias Definition
Block b The standard unit of distance in Minecraft.

This unit represents visual distance (in terms of blocks) but not necessarily the physical distance.

Pixel px A sub-unit of distance.

A pixel is 1/16th of a block, which is equal to 0.0625b

Meter m A meta-unit of distance, that represents distances more accurately.
  • The player's bounding box is 1.8 × 0.6 × 0.6 m³
  • Accounting for the player's bounding box, a 4 block jump is actually 3.4 meters long
Momentum mm 1) The speed gained and conserved by moving.

2) The space given to gain enough speed for a jump.

Facing The angle the player is looking at, in degrees.

In contrast, Direction is the angle the player is moving towards.

X Facing x Refers to an object facing towards the X axis (East / West).

X-facing Obstacles are harder to avoid. (X Facing can be seen with F3)

Z Facing z Refers to an object facing towards the Z axis (North / South).

Z-facing Obstacles are easier to avoid. (Z Facing can be seen with F3)

Coordinates coords The player's coordinates, which can be seen using F3.

This term usually refers to a set of coordinates used to setup for a jump.

Jump Terms

Term Alias Definition
Length #b The longest side of a jump, in terms of blocks.
Width x # The width of a jump, in terms of blocks.
Height + # The height of a jump, in terms of blocks.
Jump format # x # + # The conventional notation for simple jumps. In order:
  1. The Length
  2. The Width (if nonzero)
  3. The Height (if nonzero)

If the width and height are both zero, the convention is to add "b" after the length.

Examples: 3b , 4x1 , 5-1 , 4+0.5 , 3x3+0.4375

# Block Momentum # bm Designates the distance given to gain momentum.
  • 1bm is simply 1 block (1.6m of momentum).
  • 2bm is 2 consecutive blocks (2.6m of momentum).
# Block Ceiling # bc Designates the height of a ceiling (in blocks).
  • 2bc designated a ceiling that is 2 blocks high.
  • 3bc still affects the Player's movement.
  • 4bc is the same as no ceiling at all (doesn't affect jump height)
Headhitter hh A synonym for 2bc.

"hh momentum" refers to jumping under a hh to gain momentum.

Trapdoor Headhitter tdhh A 2bc which is further lowered with a trapdoor. (1.8125bc)

This ceiling height only leaves 0.0125b of room for the player to fit under,

which makes it the lowest ceiling a player can walk through (in 1.8)

Jump Names

Term Alias Definition
Linear Jump A jump with no obstacles, that can be completed without turning.
Neo #b neo A jump that involves jumping around a wall.

"#" is the length of the wall

Example: 2b neo (commonly referred to as "double neo")

Winged Neo A neo that has its wall extended outwards.
Nix Neo A neo which has its wall and landing extended outwards.
Reverse Nix Neo A neo which has its wall and momentum extended outwards.
Butterfly Neo A neo with panes on its side.
Cross Neo A jump that involves jumping around an edge.

This can be thought of as a neo that is rotated 45°.

Ladder Jump A jump that involves ladders mechanics.
Water Jumps A jump that involves water mechanics.
Squeeze Jump A jump that involves jumping through a small gap.


Term Alias Definition
Tick t The standard unit of time in Minecraft, normally equal to 50ms.
Tickrate The number of ticks in a second.

Normally, the game runs at 20 ticks per second.

0t timing jam Both W and Jump are pressed at the same time.
1t timing hh timing Jump is pressed 1 tick after W.

This timing is useful for headhitter jumps

-1t timing reverse hh

(pessi hh)

Jump is pressed 1 tick before W.

This timing is used as an advanced strat for headhitter jumps.

Jump 0t jump jam While landing from a still jump, W and Jump are pressed.

This is a consistent alternative to the regular 0t timing.

Jump 1t jump hh

(a7 hh)

W is pressed 1 tick before landing from a still jump.

This will give slightly more jump distance than Jump 0t.

Burst 0t adv jam The player starts by holding W and Sneak, as well as Sprint.

Sneak is then released, and Jump is pressed on the same tick.

Burst 1t adv hh The player starts by holding W and Sneak, as well as Sprint.

Sneak is then released, and Jump is pressed one tick later.

Techniques and Glitches

Term Alias Definition
Strafe A | D The action of "strafing" left or right while moving forward.

This changes the player's direction without turning the mouse.

45° Strafe 45° The action of turning 45°, while strafing accordingly.

This technique allows the player to move further (up to 2%) but is hard to do consistently.

Tap Moving in small intervals (1 or 2 ticks, usually while sneaking).

This technique is used to set the player in an optimal position.

Backward Momentum bwmm The process of moving backward to gain momentum potential.

This is useful on a short momentum, and is even necessary for some jumps (ex: 2bm triple neo).

Sidestep Jumping sideways to gain momentum for a neo.

This technique has two advantages: it utilises 45° strafe, and makes the turning more consistent.

It is commonly used for 1bm butterfly neos, but it can be useful for any kind of neo.

Blip A glitch which involves landing between two blocks of different height.

This can result in the player "landing mid-air", making them able to jump with initial height.

Jump Cancel A glitch that involves jumping into a ceiling or step.

This can cancel the player's upward momentum, making them able to jump again sooner.

Grinding The process of chaining multiple Jump Cancels.

There are two types:

  • Stair grinding (called Slab Boost), often used on stairs to gain speed.
  • Ceiling grinding, which is a lot harder to perform.

Technical Parkour Terms

Term Alias Definition
Duration The duration of a jump is the number of ticks between jumping and landing.

The duration depends on the jump's height.

For example: A flat jump has a duration of 12 ticks, a +1 jump is 9 ticks, and a 2bc jump is 3 ticks.

Tier A more intuitive representation of jump duration
  • Tier 0 corresponds to flat jumps, by convention.
  • Positive tiers correspond to jumps with positive height.
  • Negative tiers correspond to jumps with negative height.

Parkour Map Terminology

Term Alias Definition
Checkpoint cp A position the player can teleport back to.
Failsafe fs A loose type of checkpoint, which only allows partial recovery.
Life or Death l/d Decribes a section that is not failsafed.

If the player fails it, they will lose some progress.

Room # r # A common term for referring to a specific subsection in a course.
Transition # - # t #-# A transition between two rooms, which is usually l/d.