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Debug Screen.png

The Debug Screen is activated by pressing F3, and shows a lot of useful information for parkour.

Relevant Minecraft Wiki articles:


This section shows the Player's coordinates, which are used for strat positioning.

  • X and Z : The horizontal position of the Player, both given with 3 decimals.
  • Y : The vertical position of the Player, given with 5 decimals.


This section shows the Player's facing, which is used for strat consistency and neos.

The first number (and the only one that matters for movement) is the Player's yaw (between -180° and 180°) which corresponds to lateral mouse movement.

The second number is the Player's pitch (between -90 and 90) which corresponds to vertical mouse movement.

  • East = Positive X = -90°
  • South = Positive Z = 0°
  • West = Negative X = 90°
  • North = Negative Z = 180°

Block Identifier

This section shows which block the Player is looking at, as well as it properties.

This is mostly useful for detecting barrier blocks (as shown in the picture).

Debug Keys

Here are some useful F3 keys. For the full list, refer to the Minecraft Wiki article.

  • F3+B : Shows hitboxes of all rendered entities.
  • F3+D : Clears the chat.
  • F3+H : Shows additional information in the inventory.
  • F3+C [1.13+] : Copies the Player's coordinates and rotation in a /tp command.