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Debug Screen.png


This section shows the Player's coordinates, which are used for strat positioning.

  • X and Z : The horizontal position of the Player, both given with 3 decimals.
  • Y : The vertical position of the Player, given with 5 decimals.


This section shows the Player's facing, which is used for strat consistency and neos.

The first number (and the only one that matters for movement) is the Player's yaw (between -180° and 180°) which corresponds to lateral mouse movement.

The second number is the Player's pitch (between -90 and 90) which corresponds to vertical mouse movement.

  • East = Positive X = -90°
  • South = Positive Z = 0°
  • West = Negative X = 90°
  • North = Negative Z = 180°

Block Identifier

This section shows which block the Player is looking at, as well as it properties.

This is mostly useful for detecting barrier blocks.