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To fully understand the inner workings of Minecraft's movement, we can study the game's source code. Being closed-source, however, the code must be decompiled into Java files to be readable.

The code in this section is presented as simplified pseudo-code. To decompile the source code and read it for yourself, use ModCoderPack.

Pseudo-code nomenclature:

  • class: a Java class, usually a template for creating object instances that share the same structure.
  • static: refers to the use of a class without instantiating it.
  • attribute: a class variable, that belongs to a specific instance.
  • method: a class method, which is applied to a specific instance.
  • variable: a static variable, which does not belong to any instance.
  • function: a static method, which can be used anywhere.
  • float: a 32-bit floating-point number
  • double: a 64-bit floating-point number, a lot more precise than floats, but slower to compute.