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A Blip is the name of a family of glitches that allow the player to land at unintended heights, which can be abused to jump higher.

It's the result of unintended effects of Stepping mechanics applied to falling motion.

There are two types of blips in 1.8:

  • The Blip-Up, which involves landing on the intersection of two blocks of different heights
  • The Wall Blip, which involves landing next to an X-facing hole in a wall.


  • The Player must be able to land on the ground directly below them with their current Y speed.
  • The Player must be able to collide with the blip's wall with their current X/Z speed if they were to be on ground.
  • The top of the blip must be less than 0.6m above the Player's current Y position.

If the blip doesn't extend up to the Player's current Y position (which can happen with enough falling speed), the Y position won't be changed at all, but a landing collision will be registered, and they will be able to jump on the next tick.

[Placeholder - Image illustrating conditions]

Chained Blip-Ups

Graph illustrating a double blip (+1.4375b jump). Each consecutive blip adds 0.104

Each consecutive blip adds an extra 0.104 to your Y position, until the conditions for blipping are no longer met.

  • You can only blip once on 3 snow layers (4px) -> +0.104
  • You can chain up to 2 blips on a trapdoor (3px) -> +0.208
  • You can chain up to 3 blips on a carpet* (1px) -> +0.312
  • You can chain up to 4 blips on a lilypad (0.25 px) -> +0.416

(*) You can blip 4 times on a carpet if you start from the lower part of the blip, but you lose some initial height doing so (+0.353)

Wall Blips


You can also chain wall-blips, with the same height gains as the regular chained blip-up technique.

Version Differences

Pre-1.8 :

Up until version 1.7.10, a bug prevented entities from walking onto a step under a ceiling.

Blips worked in Pre-1.8, but the Wall Blip variant was less lenient with the ceiling height (it can be 0.6b higher in 1.8+)

1.9+ :

Because you jump higher in 1.9+ (1.252 compared to 1.249), blips are slightly affected but the mechanic works the same.

For chained blip jumps in 1.9+, each consecutive blip adds 0.121 to your initial Y position.

  • You can only blip once on 3 snow layers (4px) -> +0.121
  • You can chain up to 2 blips on a repeater (2px) -> +0.242
  • You can chain up to 3 blips on a carpet (1px) -> +0.363
  • You can no longer chain 4 blips on a lilypad or carpet.

1.14+ :

This version supposedly patched the blip glitch by extending the stepping region lower: the default step height is now "1 tick later" than in pre-1.14, which introduces a new glitch called Blip-Down, where the player can land below ground level under the right conditions.

To perform a blip-down, the player must land on the edge of a block, collide with a steppable wall, while moving outwards to ensure the stepping region doesn't encounter any ground.

This glitch is not as useful as the blip-up, but it allows for new and interesting jumps to be possible. It can also be chained to gain more momentum by reducing the duration of each jump, though it would require a peculiar setup.

Wall Blips have been completely patched.

1.15+ :

Blipping now seems to cancel fall damage.